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Science and magic in the forest

Upon setting foot in Mashpi, you’ll be able to tap into a tapestry of unforgettable moments, be it solo or with your loved ones. With our activities, you’ll get to gaze into the enchanting realm that pulsates with life in every corner, boasting a dazzling array of over 400 species that beckon your attention. But the experience doesn’t end there: a plethora of exciting and engaging activities down winding trails (or over the canopy, even!) await your presence!

Prepare to let your eyes feast upon nature’s unparalleled splendor, experience the thrill of swinging from a vine, or let the Dragonfly Canopy Gondola carry you gracefully over the verdant canopy, offering panoramic vistas that dance between dream and reality. A stay at Mashpi Lodge doesn’t just offer an exquisite break from the modern world—it recalibrates the soul, reshapes perspectives, and grants a soothing escape into nature’s magical embrace that resonates long after, leaving an indelible mark on your memories and heart.
Our activities at Mashpi Lodge are carefully designed to allow you to access those feelings and moments, and so much more.

Fluffy white cloud illustration, evoking the misty ambiance of Mashpi Lodge's cloud forest.
Ethereal clouds enveloping the lush greenery at Mashpi Lodge, highlighting the serene cloud forest environment.
Fluffy white cloud illustration, evoking the misty ambiance of Mashpi Lodge's cloud forest.
Fluffy white cloud against a black background, representing the misty ecosystem of Mashpi Lodg
Trogon at Mashpi Lodge
Trogon at Mashpi Lodge


Seeking the ultimate birdwatching tour in the Ecuadorian rainforest and cloud forest? Look no further! With a stunning repertoire of around 400 avian species catalogued so far—35 of which are a regional exclusive, meaning they’re found nowhere else on Earth—Mashpi’s Reserve stands as an ornithological utopia, beckoning enthusiasts, and novices alike.

Step into our enchanting hummingbird garden, a serene oasis where you can marvel at approximately 15 vibrant species of these tiny, winged jewels as their wings flutter in a mesmerizing dance not only in front of you, but completely around you. But the spectacle doesn’t end there! As you linger, you might even be treated to a surprise visit by the charismatic toucans, the vividly-hued tanagers, or even the playful squirrels, all lured by the tantalizing bounty of fruits at our feeders. In the embrace of Mashpi’s Reserve, every moment provides a chance to witness the unparalleled magic of nature. So come, let us show you a world where feathers, colors, and melodies all come together to create an unforgettable symphony!

Mashpi hikers at waterfall
Mashpi hikers at waterfall

Day Hikes

Put your boots on and prepare for an expedition into the heart of the wild. Navigate well-made trails that snake through the verdant forest, feel the invigorating touch of pristine streams, and stand in awe before the majestic prowess of the Mashpi waterfalls. As the forest whispers its age-old secrets, let every chirp, rustle, and call of the wild immerse you deeper into its embrace. And as your journey unfolds from beginning to end, our seasoned Naturalist Guides will be by your side, unveiling the myriad of wonders and intricacies that populate this unparalleled ecological marvel.

At Mashpi, it’s not just about seeing nature—it’s about feeling, hearing, and truly experiencing the symphony of life in its purest form. Come, be our guest in this living, breathing masterpiece.

Sky Bike and observation tower

As dawn’s first light makes its way across the Mashpi Reserve, an aerial adventure awaits atop the canopy. Our Guides beckon you to mount the Sky Bike, a unique and extremely safe contraption that allows you to glide above the treetops, offering unparalleled views of the forest below. Every time you pedal on the Sky Bike, you’ll gradually move across and over the breathtaking expanse of nature, allowing you to admire wonders that range from vibrant birds taking their morning flight to the misty layers of morning mist that weave through the verdant landscape.

Right beside the Sky Bike is the Observation Tower, which rises up over the canopy and offers an elevated vantage point to observe the forest’s grandeur. From the top of the tower, Guests can admire the endless, 360-degree views that showcase the Mashpi Reserve in all its glory, reminding you of the vastness and beauty of our world and this special place.

Dragonfly Canopy Gondola

At the Mashpi Reserve, our Dragonfly allows you to experience an unparalleled sensation when they fly through and over the forest. As you slide along the Dragonfly’s cable system in an open gondola, you’ll have a 360° view of the remarkable grandeur of the surrounding ecosystem.

Not far from the Lodge itself, the Dragonfly Canopy Gondola awaits. Once you hop onboard, you’ll embark on an exhilarating odyssey that few have the privilege to experience. Our open-air gondola will allow you to soar gracefully above and over the lush canopy. As you glide seamlessly along the Dragonfly’s advanced cable system, every angle offers a panoramic spectacle, allowing you to drink in the awe-inspiring vastness of the verdant forest around you. It’s not merely a journey—it’s a 360° symphony of sights and sensations that unveils the marvels of the forest in its full, breathtaking splendor. Join us on this aerial treat and let the Dragonfly redefine your understanding of wonder and beauty!

Mashpi Activity Butterfly Farm
Butterfly Farm
A Heliconius atthis butterfly, with striking black and orange wings, part of Mashpi Lodge's butterfly experience.
A monarch butterfly with vibrant orange and black wings, symbolizing the biodiversity at Mashpi Lodge.

The Life Center & Butterfly Farm

At the Life Center and its panoramic observation deck, our Guests can comfortably admire the melodies and activity of wildlife, revel in the remarkable views, and witness a kaleidoscope of flora that includes a variety of orchids and bromeliads.

Afterward, you can step into the Life Center’s Butterfly Farm, which offers a breathtaking array of colors, patterns, and fluttering wings. Here, Guests will have the opportunity to witness the intricate stages of metamorphosis that showcase the transition of butterflies from tiny eggs to voracious caterpillars, then into ethereal chrysalises, and finally their emergence as elegantly winged wonders.
With a roster of approximately 200 distinct butterfly species cataloged within the verdant embrace of Mashpi, a visit here promises new discoveries and awe-inspiring moments.

Mashpi Laboratory
Mashpi Laboratory
The ethereal Glasswing butterfly, Haetera piera, perches delicately, a part of Mashpi Lodge's butterfly experience.
A blue Morpho butterfly, known for its iridescent wings, spotted at Mashpi Lodge's butterfly observation area.

Mashpi's Laboratory

There’s a profound difference between merely beholding the resplendent diversity of the tropical forest and truly comprehending the intricate tapestry of its flora, fauna, and breathtaking beauty.

At Mashpi Lodge, we bridge this gap by inviting our Guests to an immersive experience over at our very own interactive Laboratory. Here, Guests are not only presented with nature’s grandeur but are also ushered into its deeper mysteries. At the Lab, the enigma of the forest unfolds, layer by layer, cell by cell, providing a space for rich, scientific appreciation. Join us here to get insights into the heart of nature’s marvels!

Exploration Activites

Embark on an odyssey of discovery and ignite the adventurous spirit within!
At Mashpi Lodge, we’ve meticulously crafted a tapestry of enthralling escapades, each one designed to tantalize, inspire, reconnect, and captivate. Peek into the treasure trove of experiences we’ve fashioned just for you and prepare to immerse yourself in moments that will etch themselves into your memories forever.

Family exploring in Mashpi's activities
Family exploring in Mashpi's activities

What to Pack for the Mashpi Rainforest

Check out our recommended packing list for the Mashpi rainforest, and make sure you bring exactly what you need to make the most out of your time with us!

Fresh green leaves from Mashpi Lodge's cloud forest, showcasing the area's rich plant biodiversity.
Fresh green leaves from Mashpi Lodge's cloud forest, showcasing the area's rich plant biodiversity.

Top 5 Essential Items

Hat or Cap

Dark- or Earth-toned Long-sleeve Tees or Expedition Shirts

Dark- or Earth-toned Lightweight Pants

Breathable or Moisture-wicking Crew-length Socks (that won’t slide down in boots)

Comfortable hiking shoes

Useful Items


Camera and Accesories

Lightweight Sweater or Jacket

Portable Flashlight

Ziploc-style Baggies in which to Keep Your Items Dry

Lizard's Rainforest Throne
Colorful butterfly, emblematic of the ecological diversity at Mashpi Lodge, poised elegantly.

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