Mashpi Lodge Activities

Discover Our Magical Adventures

You’ll get to share special moments with your loved ones, like birdwatching in a place with more than 400 species, nighttime activities, and an adventure that leads to learning. Mashpi Eco Lodge offers all of this and so much more.

Fill your eyes with nature’s staggering beauty, swing on a vine, and fly through the air on the Dragonfly. Just a few days at Mashpi Lodge transforms the way we see the world and provides a natural escape from everyday life.


Looking for a birdwatching tour? We’ve got you covered! With more than 400 bird species, Mashpi is the place to go!

In the hummingbird garden, around 15 species of hummingbirds can be seen. Also, you can often see other species that feed on fruits in the feeders, such as toucans, tanagers, and squirrels.


Day Hikes

Nowhere on Earth is the power of water more tangible than in Mashpi

Put your boots on and get ready to splash around in puddles and experience the raw power of the Mashpi waterfalls. Soak in the sounds of the forest and awake your senses as our naturalist guides pinpoint each component of this natural environment.


Life Center Butterfly Farm

A whirlwind of colors and shapes will surround you as you walk into our butterfly farm at the Life Center.

You can also observe all the stages of the life cycle of the butterfly. About 200 species of butterflies have been identified to date in Mashpi.



Exploration activities

Find the explorer inside you. We have prepared all kinds of amazing activities you may find interesting when you arrive at Mashpi Lodge.

Mashpi Lodge's lab for kids

Mashpi lab

It’s one thing to glimpse the mega-diverse flora, fauna, and beauty of the Andean tropical forest; another entirely to understand and appreciate what you’ll see.

Mashpi Lodge, set amid 6,177 acres of cloud forest, assures that guests will be able to do both with its interactive Mashpi laboratory.

dragonfly canopy gondola mashpi lodge ecuador


At the Mashpi Reserve, “our” Dragonfly allows you to experience a sensation like that of these creatures when they fly through the forest. As you slide through the cable system in an open gondola you have a 360° view of this grandiose ecosystem, the Chocó cloud forest.

mashpilodge night walk 2

Night walks

Mashpi Lodge offers some amazing nighttime activities, through which you can explore the Mashpi Reserve after night falls.

It allows you to listen and appreciate the songs, colors and behaviors of various frogs, snakes, and insects. Surprises await around every corner!

Family activities

Follow along in this blog as we have a look at what activities we have in store for you and your family, should you choose to come to visit us!

activities sky bike mashpi lodge

Observation Tower and Sky Bike

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What plant and animal species can you see at Mashpi Lodge?

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How Difficult are the Activities at Mashpi Lodge?

What to pack for the Mashpi rainforest

Check out our recommended packing list for the Mashpi rainforest, and make sure you bring exactly what you need to make the most out of your time with us!