Alexandra Moshenek

“Light, colour, shape, delicacy, fragility which becomes both solid and liquid at once, with transparency and life: these are the essential elements within the alchemy of glass…”

Passionate about light and shade, U.S./Ecuadorian national Alexandra Moshenek is an artist who works in glass and watercolour. Sir Elton John is the owner of some of her pieces; others have been displayed in exhibitions in the U.S., Argentina, Brazil and Spain.

What had the greatest impact on you at Mashpi?

The feeling that I was in the middle of the forest, and that Mashpi is a project in which human beings have minimum impact on the environment.

How many greens did you count at Mashpi?

Every single one that my eye would allow me to.

If you could be one of the animals living in the forests of Mashpi, what would you be, and why?

I have always identified with butterflies as they play with light, and they’re flight takes them to places that others cannot reach. To be any of the transparent butterflies would be incredible.



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