Alice Bossut

(Francia, 1984)

Illustrator for press and book editing. She has a degree in Fine Arts from Angoulême (France)
and a Masters in illustration from the Brussels Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Belgium).

Now based in Ecuador, she has illustrated “Mudanza” by the writer Alejandro Zambra
(Destiempo Libros, Colombia) and is the author of “Mama Cotacachi & Taita Imbabura”, that
she illustrated with a printing technique. She also created “El gigante de la laguna” and
“A ritmo endiablado de bomba” (Comoyoko Ediciones, Ecuador), both written and illustrated
in partnership with Marco Chamorro, inspired by the oral traditions of different Ecuadorian provinces.

What had the greatest impact on you in Mashpi?

What had an impact and I liked a lot in Mashpi is that it is truly within the forest, far
from highways, and this allowed to see lots of animals; landscapes of pure trees, all the way to the horizon.

How many greens did you count at Mashpi?

I started to count but some parrots laughed at me and distracted me; so I let it go.

If you could be one of the animals living in the forests of Mashpi, which would you be and why?

Without doubt I would be a blond tayra. Because I loved seeing them come up to eat bananas,
delighting themselves and at the same time remaining vigilant to ensure that we weren’t
going to do anything to it.


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