Belen Mena

Belén Mena is an Ecuadorian visual artist. Her design studio in Ecuador, devoted to branding systems, visual communication, corporate image, and editorial design, has focused mainly on coffee table books of photography and art since 1992.

She is the co-author of several biodiversity and conservation books.

Author of “Pachanga”. The book aims to explore moths as an incomparable and inspiring natural resource, employing their wing and body designs as the springboard for a bi-dimensional creative journey through the compositional, geometric and chromatic possibilities of this macro-world. Published in German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

“Pachanga” has received many important international accolades, including the 2008 IF Gold Award (International Forum of Design).

In November of 2013, Belén was nominated in the Latin Grammy Awards for best package design, for her work as art director of the musical project “De Taitas and De Mamas”.

Her graphic work includes a wide range of themes related to Ecuadorian biodiversity and culture. Her art has been displayed in different scenarios, from public spaces to private galleries, across Ecuador and worldwide.



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