Susana Oviedo

I was born in Quito in 1977. I have always drawn and created with my hands – we all started doing that when we were little. Over the years I learned to be a designer, to illustrate. I have also dedicated my time to developing new skills within the plastic arts, like working with precious metals, ceramics, and glass.

Now I divide my time between the two disciplines that I like the most: design and art. Nine years ago, together with two friends and partners I founded my own design company: ZIETTE Design. It is a company created to satisfy the multidisciplinary needs of design. In terms of illustration, I have illustrated for some Ecuadorian editorials, for independent projects, and for children’s murals.  I am now embarking on the application of my illustrations to the creation of decorative and practical objects, as a project within Ziette Design.

What I find in the plastic arts is the ability to very personally express ideas, words, and feelings into an image, or an object. I believe that they are disciplines that allow us to be critical of our final work, to be in a constant and unending process of the search for perfection, and perfecting our style. | Facebook: Susana Oviedo | Instagram: @soviedom

What had the greatest impact on you at Mashpi?  

It’s like entering into a parallel universe – unexplored, infinite, magic – that cares for and protects all the beings who live there: tiny, little, medium-sized, gigantic, all are cared for. I’d like to return to the peace and complicity of nature.

How many greens did you count in Mashpi?

I didn’t even think about counting them, it would be an infinite challenge.

If you could be one of the animals living in the forests of Mashpi, which would you be?

A bird, there’s no doubt about it. While passing over the forest in the Dragonfly, I started to think about how incredible it would be to fly like that, fearless and free, and to explore from top to bottom the nature of the reserve.



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