How do I get to Mashpi Lodge on my own?

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To get to Mashpi Lodge on your own, we’ll use El Condado Shopping Mall (located over on the northern end of Quito) as our departure point. Please be sure to view our instructional video and map (located at the end of this blog) below to complement these directions.

IMPORTANT: Do not, by any means, use an App to get from Quito to Mashpi Lodge. The directions provided by Google Maps between these two places are not accurate. At the time of this writing, other Apps – such as MapQuest, Waze,, and Apple Maps – do not provide accurate directions either. Please refrain from using these and only stick to our directions below.

How to get to Mashpi Lodge on your own

Getting to Mashpi Lodge is entirely doable and even a fun experience. However, given its rather isolated location in the outskirts of Quito, it requires careful preparation and planning in order to not get lost along the way. In this blog, you’ll be provided with directions and a video of the journey itself to help you plan your trip to Mashpi Lodge.

Did you know?
Transfer services from major hotels in Quito are available to Mashpi Lodge, making for a more convenient and enjoyable experience. For more information about what the ride to Mashpi Lodge is like aboard our transfer vehicles, click here to read our blog on the matter!



Turn-by-turn Directions for Getting to Mashpi Lodge

At the roundabout by El Condado Shopping Mall, take the exit onto Manuel Cordova Galarza (also known as Highway E28) that heads to Pomasqui/Mitad del Mundo.

1. First roundabout (after 7.3 miles [11.8 kilometers])

At the following roundabout, take the 3rd exit and stay on E28.

2. Second roundabout in front of Mitad del Mundo (after 0.9 miles [1.6 kilometers])

At the next roundabout (located right in front of Mitad del Mundo and an eccentric-looking, polygonal building), take the 2nd exit and stay on E28 for the next 29.7 miles (47.9 kilometers), passing the town of Nanegalito along the way, until you reach the next exit.

3. After 29.7 miles (47.9 kilometers)

Turn right onto the road “Via a Pacto” (otherwise noted on the sign as “El Chontal”), at which point you will need to turn right and stay on the main, paved road (Via a Pacto)  for 14.1 miles (22.8 kilometers).

4. After 14.1 miles (22.8 kilometers)

You’ll reach the town of Pacto. Head into the town and then turn left, then head straight and, once you’ve passed the plaza, take the first left and then the first right. Head straight.

Once through the town of Pacto you’ll continue straight for another 3.1 miles (5 kilometers).

5. After 3.1 miles (5 kilometers)

You’ll reach the town of La Delicia, passing the small town of Pactoloma along the way. Following La Delicia, stay true and head straight down the dirt road until you come upon the small sign at a fork in the road indicating the way to Mashpi Lodge. Head left here and follow along until you reach the large wooden gate that interrupts the roadway.


Road to Mashpi Lodge Map

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