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I found this beautiful tarantula whilst walking along the path towards the Life Center. Some little black dots following her were what caught my eye.

It turns out that these dots were the offspring of the tarantula who would follow her wherever she went.

The mother tarantula tends to get very nervous when something approaches her young. They are very protective mothers and are prepared to care for their offspring until they have reached a sufficient age when they can protect themselves.

Adult tarantulas are very solitary and opt to live in isolated, dark areas, seldom frequented by other animals. They are carnivores and feed on insects, mice, baby birds, frogs and toads, among other small animals. These creatures hunt during the night and capture their prey via ambushes in which they inject their venom, paralyzing the victim.

Tarantulas do not represent any danger to human beings: if they are left in peace they won’t attack.

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One comment

  • Avatar of Jan Korba
    Jan Korba

    August 17, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    Beautiful female of genera Tapinaucherius, family Theraphosidae.


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