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A guide for all seasons

Of all the talented guides at Mashpi Lodge, Juan Carlos Narváez is among the most knowledgeable, liked, and respected. Read More

Lilian Tello

She has worked at Mashpi in the administrative area for five years, joining when the Lodge first opened. Read More

Darwin Chalá

Darwin has worked at Mashpi for five years, in the Life Centre where the butterfly house is located. Read More

José Napa, The pioneer

Before it was transformed into a protected area, the area where the Life Centre is located was home to José Napa. Read More

Nancy Calispa – Spa

Nancy from Quito came to work in Mashpi five years ago. Here, we ask her to reveal the secrets of the spa. Read More


Fernando Arias from Mindo, is 30 years old but can’t believe he’s that age. Fernando is forever playing practical jokes on his fellow guides. Read More
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