Andrea Tapia

Andrea is Mashpi Lodge’s Wildlife Research Coordinator. She came to work initially as an entomologist, in charge of the laboratory and all the projects relating to insects. She has a degree in Biology from San Francisco University in Quito, and… Read More

Meet our science team

Andrea Tapia Scientific Research Coordinator Andrea was born in Quito but she spent most of her childhood in the highlands of the central Andes in Ecuador, where her passion for nature developed. After being surrounded by nature her entire life… Read More

Nancy Calispa – Spa

Mashpi Lodge is a haven for exploration and biology where you can push yourself to your limits: rising at dawn, wading through rivers, and climbing up towers into the clouds. But beyond the adventure, Mashpi is a place to be… Read More


Fernando Arias from Mindo, is 30 years old but can’t believe he’s that age. With the cheekiest of smiles, Fernando is forever playing practical jokes on his fellow guides, though in the hotel you’ll find him making articulate presentations in… Read More

Oswaldo Araujo, Mashpi’s Chef

Guests are often surprised at the sky-high quality of the cuisine at Mashpi: a buffet at lunch overflowing with ceviches, sandwiches and meat and fish options, as well as delicate pastries, while a la carte dinner boasts delicate soups and… Read More

Butterfly men

In the middle of the Life Centre you will find its colourful, fluttering heart: the Butterfly House, home to dozens of winged creatures, flying erratically from leaf to leaf. Flashes of orange, translucent panes and eagle eyes blink into sight… Read More


Like the other scientists working at Mashpi Lodge, Santiago has his instruments: tweezers and pincers, shakers and tubes. But instead of using them to measure and analyze, Santiago employs them to create magic. As chief barman, he is charged with… Read More

Carlos Morochz

Carlos Morochz doesn’t sleep with his boots on anymore. Mashpi Lodge’s 30-year-old Resident Biologist admits that there was a time, at the beginning of his career at the reserve, when he’d even wear his heavy duty footwear to bed, just… Read More


At the tender age of 21, Anderson is one of the youngest and brightest guides working at Mashpi Lodge. Known as “Guagito” (“little kid”) among his colleagues, Anderson grew up in the Community of Mashpi. How did you come to… Read More


Manolo, age 25, works alongside his brother, Carlos, who is also a guide. He started working at Mashpi before his big brother, before the construction of the hotel had even begun, flattening the land where a wood mill had once… Read More
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