Eagles and Chotacabras, findings full of emotions

Ornate Hawk-Eagle Spizaetus ornatus By: Ángelo Córdova and Carlos Zambrano On a clear afternoon, while we were observing birds from the Life Centre, we noticed a great commotion among the birds dining on the feeders. Suddenly, we saw something that… Read More

From Mashpi Lodge to Mashpi Village

This is a route that could equally be called the path of the forest, or the fallen trees. Because while the richness of this slice of the Andean Chocó is plain to see as you pass along it with its… Read More

The find of a lifetime

Bromeliads By: Anderson Orosco Bromeliads belong to the Bromeliaceae family and are vascular plants that live, for the most part, in the American tropics, with only one species in existence in Africa, the pitcairnia. The bromeliad family is made up… Read More

Utterly weird and completely wonderful

It is truly remarkable the tricks that creatures of the Chocó have developed for survival: claws for burrowing, sticky tongues for licking, special holes for hiding, and even the ability to mimic bird poo. Read on to discover those strange… Read More

News From the Life Centre

Nixon works in the Life Centre in Mashpi Lodge and is in charge of maintaining and finding host plants for butterflies. To find plants where butterflies deposit eggs, each one very specific to each species, Nixon goes out into the… Read More

Surprise on the Dragonfly!

Mashpi’s Dragonfly is an excellent way to witness the strangest and most magical moments in the reserve. The cable car allows you to see the forest from a completely different perspective. From up in the four-man gondola, new species of… Read More

Mama tarantula

I found this beautiful tarantula whilst walking along the path towards the Life Centre. Some little black dots following her were what caught my eye. It turns out that these dots were the offspring of the tarantula who would follow… Read More

We went to the disco!

The cock-of-the-rock is one of the most attractive, but rarest, birds to find in the Tropical Forests, in spite of its colourful appearance. This species meets up in specific courtship spots with the purpose of seducing the females that come… Read More

Joselito Ronquillo (Life Centre)

Today Joselito invited us to be part of his work in the Life Centre and in his collection of butterfly eggs. The eggs collected today are from the Parides arcas butterfly, and Joselito tells us that they will be hatched… Read More

Forest visions

If you ask me what it is about cloudforests that captivates me, I would have to say it’s their drama. Rainforests are flat. There’s very little sense of their scale, their enormity, unless you’re flying over them in a plane,… Read More
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