Mashpi Lodge: Support, Solidarity and Hope following the Ecuador earthquake

We would like to thank all the friends of Mashpi Lodge who have responded to our messages and sent their best wishes since the earthquake that hit Ecuador on April 16th.

We want to let you know that we are heart-broken to witness the destruction caused by this tragedy and at the same time, deeply moved by the outpouring of solidarity in our hotel, our city, our country and the international tourism community. In times of adversity, many positive things are born, and there is solace to be found in the strength of unity.

While each of us can contribute with our individual abilities, when we join forces and forge ahead together, we can achieve greater things. We therefore wanted to share with you that we have decided to unite with our family of leading companies here in Ecuador to implement a joint solution that leverages our strengths, in coordination with government-led efforts.

Our group of companies is at this moment beginning the installation of a mobile hospital/medical camp in Canoa, a small town on the coast south the quake’s epicentre. It will be staffed around the clock by more than 20 doctors and support employees from our sister company, Veris, a medical services provider. All of the companies of our holding group will join forces to provide funding for this project, which we intend to operate as long as necessary.

As we work with the community on the ground, we will be better able to define additional opportunities to effectively assist recovery and channel the resources you have generously offered.

Although emergency efforts are crucial, we must keep in mind that the country’s reconstruction process is going to take many years and billions of dollars.

Our request to you, our partners and friends, is therefore to help us help ourselves. Please actively encourage your clients, social networks and friends to a) purchase our products (Ecuadorian bananas, shrimp, cacao/chocolate, roses, coffee, mangos, passion fruit, panama hats and others) and b) continue to promote this beautiful country as a top tourism destination now and in the future.

We confirm that all guests and staff at our hotel are fine and safe. The building suffered no structural damage since the mansion was reinforced to a very high standard during the refurbishment work in the run-up to its 2010 opening. All staff and services are performing as usual.

All of the team at Mashpi would like to reiterate our condolences to those who have suffered losses. We thank our extended community around the world and in Ecuador for all of the support offered and look forward to working with you on our country’s brighter future together.

Update on travel in Ecuador

As can be seen on this map, the area hardest hit by the earthquake is located on the Pacific Coast. The Highlands (Quito, Otavalo, Cotopaxi, Avenue of the Volcanoes and Cuenca) and the Amazon region were unaffected and operations are normal. While Guayaquil suffered some damage, its airport, hotels and tourism sites are functioning as usual, with an occasional need for alternate routes based on temporary road closures.

The Galápagos Islands, located approximately 1000 km (600 miles) off the coast of Ecuador, has seen no impact from the event at all.

We thank you for your support and concern and will keep you updated regularly.

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