Mashpi Lodge: Where Luxury and Nature Merge

A Luxury Cocoon in the Clouds

Mashpi is more than a five-star Lodge in the forest: it was conceived and is meant to be one-of-a-kind Travel Experience where the material features of the property are just the ideal complement for an unbeatable contact with the fauna, flora, geological, geographical, ecological, climatic, scenic and historic features of one of the most remarkably biodiverse corners of the world, now protected as a Nature Reserve.

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Rooms & Suites


Mashpi is designed to completely immerse you in the forest life, while keeping its creatures safely at bay – a luxury retreat amidst the dense forest and stunning mountain views. The rooms are arranged over three floors, all designed with floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall panoramic glass windows, some on two sides, with the forest just a few feet away.

You wake up to captivating views awash with greens and browns, with trunks, branches, vines, leafs, birds and crawling clouds all around. It's a bit like being on a crystal capsule, observing the forest life from the comfort of your bed. Open the window, and the sounds of bird and frog calls wash over you. The rooms' lighting is subdued with hidden LED lights that run along the handsome wooden bedheads providing a magical touch.

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Fine Dining in the Forest


The Lodge's towering, two-story Dining Room offers a fully panoramic and dramatic setting for a lively gourmet experience. Here, Mashpi's chefs draw from the diversity of Ecuadorian cuisine and ingredients, making the most of its location between the Coast and the Andes to offer the best of both worlds.

Mashpi creates its gastronomic identity around native ingredients of generous flavors such as wild garlic, chillangua and other products of the forest. They provide aromas and flavors that will linger on your savoring memory. Our cuisine utilizes modern techniques and tools together with permanent investigation. The idea is that our menus offer sustainability, accomplishing a perfect match between the forest where we are and fine dining. Our mission is to explore, expose and share with our guests the formidable new potential of the Ecuadorian cuisine.

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Mashpi Photo Gallery

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