Scientific Research in Mashpi

With such an extraordinary natural richness, Mashpi is also a growing Center of Scientific Research, Investigation and Monitoring that covers a wide range of elements from butterflies and plants to water quality and a host of interesting projects which are conducted under the leadership of Mashpi’s Resident Biologist and his team who work avidly to better understand the forest's ecology and relate it to the diverse species’ behavior and distribution. An ultimate goal of course is to preserve this natural wonderland and provide practical advice to implement the right management decisions to ensure the conservation of this fantastic area and to make of tourism the best allied of these efforts.

The Research, conducted at the Life Centre and in the field is in many cases carried out through special agreements between Mashpi’s Administration and its Research Department with several prestigious national and international Universities and NGO’s. These actions are creating a phenomenal potential to unveil extremely valuable and still unknown information about the Equatorial Chocó.

A flagship project of Mashpi’s ongoing research is the Camera Traps Program about which we offer you an overview:

Mashpi Photo Gallery

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