Visiones del bosque

If you ask me what it is about cloudforests that captivates me, I would have to say it’s their drama. Rainforests are flat. There’s very little sense of their scale, their enormity, unless you’re flying over them in a plane, or up a jungle lodge’s canopy tower. Cloudforests, on the other hand, cloak the most precipitous gradients imaginable, tumbling hundreds upon hundreds of meters in the space of a few kilometers. The views on clear days never fail to take your breath away. Read More

Visiones del bosque 2

En medio de una maraña de plantas y animales, haciendo camino con un machete, encuentran paz donde otros ven caos, y equilibrio, donde otros sienten temor. Read More

Carlos Morochz

Carlos Morochz joined the Mashpi team in 2010 as Resident Biologist to head up conservation and investigation projects, freshly graduated from San Francisco de Quito University. His ground-breaking discoveries in the reserve include important observations of behaviour and locations of lekking bird species, the umbrella bird, and of the cock of the rock, among others. Read More


Como los otros científicos que trabajan en Mashpi Lodge, Santiago tiene sus instrumentos: pinzas y tenazas, agitadores y tubos. Read More
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