Capuchin Monkey Trail

Max. Altitude 1076m
Min. Altitude 773m
Incline 5%
Total Distance 2.035km
Time 2:20 h (to the Laguna river) 1:30h (by vehicle to the trail)

Activity Description

This is the longest trail we have designed so far in the Reserve, covering more than 2 miles (3.5 km if the walk starts from the hotel) and connecting different attractions of the reserve.

On this trail we can observe spots where the Club-wing Manakin birds gather to perform their courtship dances. These locations are known as leks. This trail also leads to a fork down to the Healing Waterfall (1.3 km), and finally to the Laguna River. We return wading and walking upstream in the river to the Magnolia trail and from there back to the lodge (2 hours 1.5 km).

We can also walk upstream to Tower 4 and return on the Dragonfly.

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