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Magnolia Waterfall

Max. Altitude 941m
Min. Altitude 779m
Incline 20%
Total Time 2h
Distance 15m
Time 2 min.
Distance 688m
Time 45 min.

Activity Description

Several rivers cross the Mashpi Reserve close to the hotel, many of which form beautiful and modest waterfalls, cascades, and pools. This particular trail begins right at the edge of Lodge itself and takes us down to the Laguna River below. It is steep in certain parts, yet offers great vantage points and a beautiful waterfall and pool for bathing at around the halfway mark! The waterfall and the trail’s name come from the tallest tree in the Reserve, which itself is a new species of Magnolia (soon to be published) that grows abundantly in this area. This special species of tree is heavily logged outside of the reserve for its valuable timber.

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