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The Healing Waterfall

Max. Altitude 898m
Min. Altitude 820m
Incline 16%
Total Time 4h
Distance 1.3km
Time 60 min.
Distance 374m
Time 25 min.
Distance 850m
Time 30 min.

Activity Description

The Healing Waterfall is quite possibly one of the most beautiful bits of cascading water found throughout the entire Reserve. With great beauty comes great effort, however, as guests that wish to see it must prepare themselves to go on a relatively long hike to witness it with their own eyes. Once there, the effort is more than worth it – the waterfall’s unique setting and structure allow you to physically get behind the cascading sheet of water and feel its energizing force, providing guests with an incredibly special place to sit and meditate.

The walk starts from the Lodge and can take up to four hours to complete, roundtrip. It covers a distance of 3 kilometers (2 miles), yet there are several options to reduce hiking time and distance, if guests prefer: you can opt to hitch a ride on our transfer vehicle for part of the way, walk to the Sky Bike and use it to cross to the other side (and then take the connecting trail to the waterfall), and/or combine the walk with the Dragonfly on your way back.

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