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Family Travel

The best things in life are usually not things at all

They are the special moments we get to share with our loved ones: a hike through pristine wilderness, a delicious meal served with style, an adventure that leads to learning and family unity. Mashpi Lodge offers all of this and so much more. Fill your children’s eyes with the staggering beauty of nature, swing on a vine, and fly through the air on the Dragonfly. Watch as they become explorers and risk-takers, jumping out of their comfort zone with complete ease and security. Just a few days at Mashpi Lodge transforms the way we see the world and provides a welcome natural escape from everyday life for grownups and kids alike.


Day hikes

Put your boots on and get ready to splash around in puddles, swing across the forest while roaring like Tarzan, and experience the raw power of the Mashpi waterfalls as you bask in the placid swimming holes at their base. Soak in the sounds of the forest and awaken your senses through the knowledgeable eyes of our naturalist guides as they pinpoint each and every component of this natural environment to the sheer delight of the whole family.


Night walks

Give the kids the true definition of surround sound and hold hands in wonder under the pitch-black cover of night. Stand still and tune-in to the animals that lay awake at night as red beams of light dart to and fro, scanning for the source of each sound that emanates from a plethora of crannies. Step closer to these organic instruments and marvel at the magnificence of their design, maybe even spotting the wholly surreal Mashpi Torrenteer glass frog, only recently discovered by researchers at the Lodge. Surprises await around every corner!


Life Centre Butterfly Farm

A whirlwind of colors and shapes will surround you as you walk into our butterfly farm at the Life Centre. See the different stages of butterfly metamorphosis from our breeding programme experts. And then, marvel at the beauty and intricate patterns of these delicate creatures as they land on the tips of your fingers! The kids will feel enchanted, the parents delighted.


Sky Bike

Spin your legs through what feels like a dream, as the wheels lift off and you and your child pedal up high, crossing the lush canopy of the magical Mashpi jungle and enjoying amazing views of the immense forest below. With clouds and birds beneath your very feet, who’s to say flying was only possible in our dreams?

Kid’s Corner in the Lab

From the beginning, Mashpi Lodge has combined a focus on top hospitality with scientific research that aims to further knowledge of this biodiversity hotspot and promote environmental awareness. The laboratory, located adjacent to the main lodge, is home to a number of significant on-going experiments which have already led to the identification of several species new to science. Now the young have their own space for their personal voyage of discovery in Mashpi Reserve, with kid-friendly tools that allow them to dig deeper and get inspired, accompanied by an expert that will awaken their love for science and nature.

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