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Nancy Calispa – Spa

Mashpi Lodge is a haven for exploration and biology where you can push yourself to your limits: rising at dawn, wading through rivers, and climbing up towers into the clouds. But beyond the adventure, Mashpi is a place to be at one with nature, to breath in the purest of airs, to watch the mist drift ethereally over the canopy and to listen to bird song: uplifting, revitalizing and calming.

In fact, says Nancy Calispa, Mashpi’s wellness expert and masseuse, some guests come here simply to rest after physically demanding travels or a spiritually draining work life.

Nancy from Quito came to work in Mashpi five years ago after friends who had worked on Galápagos yachts caught wind of the opening of an exciting new hotel. Here, we ask her to reveal the secrets of the spa.

What are the health benefits of Mashpi Lodge?

First of all, being here helps you to relax! The cloud forest, with the humidity and oxygen levels, help to purify the skin and to de-stress. The oils and essences we use in massages and treatments are entirely natural. And just being in nature rebalances everything, including your heart and lungs.

Which treatment brings you closest to nature?

We do open-air massages right by a waterfall close to the hotel. We bring the massage table out there and all the essential oils. There’s no music, as you have the sound of the rushing water. Afterwards, we suggest that you bathe in the waterfall to fill yourself with energy.

Where can guests practice yoga?

There are yoga mats available for guests to practice in the morning and evening on the open air terrace. With our new spa [open late 2017] there will be a purpose-built yoga room, as well as open-air treatment cabins.

The incredible views around Mashpi make it a romantic setting. Do you have treatments for couples or honeymooners?

We have some new couples’ packages which include special treatments like skin hydration and massages. There’s also a four-hour package.

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