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Meet the Mashpi Team: Anderson Medina – Biologist

Reading Time: 2 minutes Anderson Medina, a 21 years’ old was born Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas but grew up in the community of …

A guide for all seasons – Naturalist Guide

Reading Time: 3 minutes Of all the talented guides at Mashpi Lodge, Juan Carlos Narváez is among the most knowledgeable, liked, and …

Miriam Simbaña – Waitress

Reading Time: 2 minutes When you are attended to well, you feel like you’re part of the family

Lilian Tello – Accounting Assistant

Reading Time: 2 minutes She has worked at Mashpi in the administrative area for five years, joining when the Lodge first opened.

Darwin Chalá – Butterfly Center Assistant

Reading Time: 1 minute Darwin has worked at Mashpi for five years, in the Life Centre where the butterfly house is located.

José Napa, The pioneer – Native Guide

Reading Time: 4 minutes Before it was transformed into a protected area, the area where the Life Centre is located was home to José …

Marc Bery – Operations Manager

Reading Time: 4 minutes You probably haven’t met Marc Bery yet, but you might well recognise his face.

Meet our science team – Biologists

Reading Time: 1 minute Meet Andrea Tapia, Anderson Medina y Carlos Morochz our science teem in Mashpi Lodge.

Nancy Calispa – Massage Therapist

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nancy from Quito came to work in Mashpi five years ago after friends who had worked on Galápagos yachts caught …

Fernando – Naturalist Guide

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fernando Arias from Mindo, is 30 years old but can’t believe he’s that age. Fernando is forever playing …

Oswaldo Araujo – Chef

Reading Time: 3 minutes Guests are often surprised at the sky-high quality of the cuisine at Mashpi

Butterfly Center Assistants

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the middle of the Life Centre you will find the Butterfly House, home to dozens of winged creatures, flying …

Santiago – Bartender

Reading Time: 1 minute Like the other scientists working at Mashpi Lodge, Santiago has his instruments: tweezers and pincers, shakers and …

Carlos Morochz – Expedition Leader

Reading Time: 5 minutes Carlos Morochz joined the Mashpi team in 2010 as Resident Biologist to head up conservation and investigation …

Carlos – Native Guide

Reading Time: 2 minutes He has been guiding at Mashpi for four years, and though his English isn’t perfect, he’s improving it thanks …

Anderson Orozco – Naturalist Guide

Reading Time: 2 minutes At the tender age of 21, Anderson is one of the youngest and brightest guides working at Mashpi Lodge. Known as …

Manolo – Assistant Naturalist Guide

Reading Time: 4 minutes Manolo, age 25, works alongside his brother, Carlos, who is also a guide. He started working at Mashpi before his …
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