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Surprise on the Dragonfly!

Mashpi’s Dragonfly is an excellent way to witness the strangest and most magical moments in the reserve. The cable car allows you to see the forest from a completely different perspective. From up in the four-man gondola, new species of plants have been spotted.

Returning in the early hours from the cock-on-the-rock, we find these rare gems. I call them that because it is my first close encounter with this species of Tropical River Otter, that were swimming up-stream probably in search of food or a place to reproduce.

Local people believe that the eyes of otters are diamonds, so they have become vulnerable to hunting. Furthermore, they are excellent indicators of the quality of the water in the rivers. What they are telling us here is that our Laguna River is in the right balance. If it’s good enough for the otters, it’s good enough for us!

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