We went to the disco!

The cock-of-the-rock is one of the most attractive, but rarest, birds to find in the Tropical Forests, in spite of its colourful appearance.

This species meets up in specific courtship spots with the purpose of seducing the females that come to the “disco.” In this riotous party, mating courtships ensue in which the females make the final decision on which male they will choose, ranking them in their beauty, song and dance. They go through this rigmarole so that their offspring turn out just like Daddy.

Each time that we go to this place, there is a different kind of dance, and the dawn is accompanied by music made by a live band of insects, rivers and frogs that rouse the recently awoken.

To visit them in Mashpi you begin walking in the early hours, two-and-a-half hours through the darkness of the forest, descend through steep paths, arrive at a river where the level obliges you to get wet and then climb with your last breath to seek the compensation of seeing them.

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