Why is Mashpi Lodge the perfect romantic getaway in the rainforest?

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Couples at a Romatic Occasion at Mashpi Lodge

Nestled in the heart of the verdant, primary cloud forest on the slopes of the towering Andes mountains of Ecuador, Mashpi Lodge is a place of wonder and mystery. Teeming with life at every turn, visiting the Mashpi reserve is an incredible adventure that leaves indelible memories of countless heartwarming, discovery-filled moments. So what truly makes Mashpi Lodge the picture-perfect place to celebrate romantic moments?

Spaces for couples at Mashpi Lodge

What facilities at Mashpi Lodge cater to romantic couples?

In stark contrast to the often picturesque-but-rustic lodges located in the middle of tropical rainforests, Mashpi Lodge is the very embodiment of modern luxury. A steel, stone and glass cocoon, featuring modernist design and décor that expertly mixes warm earth tones, the Lodge blends in perfectly with its natural environment. Its panoramic, floor-to-ceiling glass walls making it virtually invisible at times.

The Restaurant: Delightful Dining

The tables in the low-lit, two-story dining room are spaced just far enough apart to give couples the private space they crave, while the mouthwatering, innovative dinner options will leave all guests feeling both exquisitely satisfied and replenished. The renowned signature cocktails prepared at Mashpi Lodge (many of which are crafted with locally sourced exotic ingredients), along with the exciting and decadent dessert options, all come together to perfectly complement a romantic dinner.

The restaurant at Mashpi Lodge

The Rooms: Plush Privacy

There are two kinds of rooms available at Mashpi Lodge. The Wayra Rooms cover a generous 34 m2 (366 ft2) of space, with incredible views of the cloud forest right there outside the enormous glass windows. Room furnishings are sumptuous, and every surface is covered with some of the softest premium materials available. Mashpi Lodge also has three Yaku Suites, which are even more expansive at 46m2 (495 ft2), offering large bathrooms that have twin washbasins and Philippe Starck-designed bathtubs with sweeping views of the lush forest outside. The Yaku Suites feature king-size beds, and several of the Wayra rooms do, too. Regardless of the room that a couple chooses, the sweeping views of the cloud forest, the plush furniture, and the top-quality materials used throughout mean that staying at Mashpi is a dream for any romantic getaway!

Rooms at Mashpi Lodge

Relaxation: Soothing Sensibility

Mashpi Lodge is also home to the award-winning Samay Wellness Center – a veritable sanctuary for your senses that serves as the perfect place to surround yourself with natural beauty and nourish your soul. The talented spa staff offers a wide variety of beauty and body treatments, including relaxing massages for couples. The Center also includes an open-air hot tub that can be reserved at a specific time for honeymooners to ensure that they have it all to themselves. Next to the hot tub there is a large outdoor yoga deck with panoramic views of the Choco cloud forest, making it the perfect place for meditation, stretching, and exercise that will leave you feeling inspired and restored.

The hot tub at Mashpi Lodge

The Lodge itself also has several comfortable and cozy areas where couples can relax, enjoy the landscapes, nibble on the snacks and sip premium-roasted coffee or tropical fruit infusions offered at the Lodge, and simply enjoy one another’s company

Spaces for couples at Mashpi Lodge's Lounge

What activities at Mashpi Lodge are particularly romantic?

The daily expeditions that crisscross the Mashpi Reserve are ideal for couples seeking to bond over shared experiences and discovery. While the expeditions range in difficulty, all of them have incredible views offering excellent selfie opportunities, and many give guests the chance to dive into crystal-clear pools at the base of thundering waterfalls. At the Healing Waterfall, for instance, couples can even get behind the cascading water itself and spend some time alone with nature on the rocky outcroppings there.

Activities for couples at Mashpi Lodge

Another fantastic experience for honeymooners and couples alike is the Sky Bike. As its name suggests, the Sky Bike is an ingenious feat of engineering whereby two people pedal their way across a beautiful gorge and a meandering river below, and back again. As one person pedals, the other can keep an eye out for wildlife and exotic plants from above. The Sky Bike can come to a full stop and even back up so that its passengers can fully appreciate something seen in the forest. The Sky Bike makes for a short, fun adventure for couples.

Sky Bike activity for couples at Mashpi Lodge

The Observation Tower is a decidedly romantic destination near the Lodge, especially in the late afternoon. Offering stunning, 360o views of the entire Mashpi Reserve and the lands beyond it, the Observation Tower is a wonderful place for couples to simply spend time together, taking in the sights and watching the sun sink slowly below the horizon, painting the sky in bright hues of red, yellow and orange on a clear day. The Observation Tower is also a great place for spotting larger bird species soaring above the canopy and occasionally even experiencing some of the exquisite magic that Mashpi is home to.

Excursions for Couples at Mashpi Lodge

Unlike some of the other romantic activities ideal for honeymooners and couples in and around Mashpi Lodge, the Life Center offers visitors an entirely unique experience: stepping into a live butterfly garden, home to more than a dozen butterfly species that create a surreal kaleidoscope of vibrant, fluttering colors. Couples can learn about the entire life cycle of both moths and butterflies, and walk through an amazing display of over 100 endemic orchids that are particularly unique to the Mashpi Reserve. The Life Center also has a sweeping, open-air deck with a spectacular view of both the nearby cloud forest and the lush green ridges beyond, making it an unsurprisingly fantastic place to see many different endemic animal and bird species.
Life Center activities for couples at Mashpi Lodge
One of the most intriguing aspects of celebrating romantic occasions at Mashpi Lodge is just how incredibly different and refreshing the experience is compared to many other, typical romantic options and destinations. While neither a beachfront property nor a rustic lodge in the middle of the rainforest, Mashpi Lodge is the ideal location for both couples seeking a proper mix of adventure and relaxation, all within a destination that’s truly unlike anything else. The towering centenar trees, the lush, exotic vegetation, the colorful, rare wildlife species, the plunging waterfalls and crystalline natural pools, the vivid, seemingly endless sunsets and panoramic views, and the secluded, luxurious privacy offered by Mashpi Lodge make it an incredible destination for honeymooners and couples alike.

One thing is certain: every person who visits Mashpi Lodge and the incredible Mashpi Reserve never fails to leave without unforgettable memories, a profound appreciation for nature (and its sheer wealth of life and refreshing power), and a rekindled zest to conserve the natural paradises that remain on our planet today. When the irresistible pull of unbridled love is added to the powerful allure of Mashpi, the effect is an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime trip that will set the stage for a future filled with happiness, joy, and admiration for all the sacred, natural things that surround us.

Tourists observing a yellow land iguana in its natural habitat at Finch Bay, Galapagos, included in Mashpi package tours.
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