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A superb dining experience

A delight for the eyes and palate

Experiencing a meal at Mashpi Lodge offers another form of exploration and delight by providing a journey through the diverse regions of Ecuador. Our gourmet offerings celebrate the rich tapestry of the country’s diverse flavors, featuring only the freshest and most authentic ingredients. Each exclusive dish, artfully presented, becomes an exploration unto itself that’s elevated further by our carefully curated selection of fine wines and signature cocktails.

Lush green leaf representing the pristine ecosystem at Mashpi Lodge, set in the Ecuadorian cloud forest.
Vivid green leaf from Mashpi Lodge’s biodiversity, exemplifying the rich flora of the Ecuadorian Chocó forest.

The Restaurant

Discover the flavors of Ecuador

The Lodge’s towering Dining Room is two-stories high and serves as a spectacular space for a lively gourmet experience. Mashpi’s chefs draw inspiration from the diversity of Ecuador’s cuisine and ingredients, making the most of the Lodge’s location between the coast and the Andes and providing guests with the best of both worlds.

Lush foliage at Mashpi Lodge, a prime example of sustainable ecotourism in the heart of Ecuador's cloud forest.

Our Bar

A mastery of mixology

It’s the perfect spot to meet new friends before dinner or share a drink with your guide. The cocktail menu here has specifically been designed with Mashpi and its surrounding forest in mind. So come have a seat by the Bar and let your palate explore the wide and exotic array of cocktails we offer, all prepared by our expert mixologists. After that, feel free to pair your dinner with any of the fine wines from our extensive wine list.

Ecuadorian Cuisine as an Art Form

Featuring the Flavors of the Forest

Mashpi’s gastronomic identity is inspired by the native ingredients and exuberant flavors of the forest, such as wild garlic, chillangua, and several other organic products. Our cuisine combines modern techniques and ongoing culinary research, all while paying homage to Ecuador’s rich culinary heritage.

Elegant shrimp skewers
Chocolate Dessert Artistry
Delicious Ecuadorian meal served at Mashpi Lodge, Featuring Succulent Meat and Fresh Vegetables
Ecuadorian empanada
Refined salmon dish

Discover Our Menu

Each dish is a whole new experience

For breakfast, our guests get to enjoy a wide variety of fresh fruits from the region, different types of bread, cheeses, hams, your style of eggs, cereals, home-made jams, organic honey, and granola, plus energizing fruit juices to fuel yourself up for the day’s activities.

Lunch is deliberately light, mixing a wide variety of fresh vegetables, soups, sandwiches, and a fusion of Ecuadorian and international dishes. Ceviche, an Ecuadorian classic, might also be featured. Pair your meal with a refreshing fruit juice and then indulge in a delicious dessert.

Dinner is a more formal affair. The theatrical setting of the two-story dining room, which is accentuated by its subdued floor lamps, creates an intimate and romantic space that is perfect for savoring our chefs’ exciting and innovative cuisine. Prepare for a culinary journey across Ecuador’s diverse regions, all prepared with imagination and flair!

Herbaceous Seafood Delight
Herbaceous Seafood Delight

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