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The reserve

Mashpi Lodge is far more than just a five-star hotel in an exquisite location: you are accessing the Mashpi Reserve and a dedicated research station that is at the forefront of rainforest protection and education.

Once here, you’ll be able to tap into wonderful moments with your loved ones that will see you peering into the unforgettable world that is thriving all around, with over 400 species to admire and numerous exciting activities and trails to take part in!

Fill your eyes with nature’s staggering beauty, swing on a vine, and glide over the canopy on the Dragonfly Gondola. Just a few days at Mashpi Lodge transforms the way we see the world and provides an unforgettable natural escape from everyday life.

Fluffy white cloud illustration, evoking the misty ambiance of Mashpi Lodge's cloud forest.
Ethereal clouds enveloping the lush greenery at Mashpi Lodge, highlighting the serene cloud forest environment.
Fluffy white cloud illustration, evoking the misty ambiance of Mashpi Lodge's cloud forest.
Fluffy white cloud against a black background, representing the misty ecosystem of Mashpi Lodg
Transparent glass frog with visible internal organs, perched and blending in with its environment at Mashpi Reserve.
Fauna in Mashpi, Glass Frog

A sustainable foundation

Before the construction of the Lodge was even completed, the Mashpi project hired a biologist to carry out an ambitious research project. This biologist was tasked with finding out as much as possible about the diverse and unique ecosystems that thrive within the Mashpi Reserve.

The information they gathered became a part of the Lodge’s conservation and resource management strategy, strengthening the Lodge’s concept of sustainable tourism and forest preservation. Our science and investigation projects are now quite ample and varied in scope, yielding the discovery of new species, previously unknown to science, including totally new frog and orchid species that exist nowhere else on earth!

A hummingbird feeding from a bright red flower held by a visitor at Mashpi Reserve.
Hummingbird Encounter

What we stand for

The final goal of this whole project is to bolster both the importance of research and enrich our knowledge of the lodge’s surrounding ecosystem. This knowledge is then shared with local communities, our guests, and the world at large, all with the aim of underlining the importance of conserving this fragile and fascinating bioregion.

Our research efforts have grown over the years, too. We have signed collaborative agreements with national and international conservation organizations. We have worked with several universities, participating in and designing different research projects that involve butterflies, birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and macroinvertebrates. We have even discovered entirely new species and shared them with the international science community!

All these initiatives have allowed us to see how our efforts should go beyond merely protecting our reserve and its hotel. Science at Mashpi Lodge must be a combination of research, education, ecotourism, and community support in order to truly have the impact that we desire.

Camera Traps Project

Take a peek at the lives of some of Mashpi’s inhabitants!

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A world of birds

With some 400 species of birds spotted to date–35 of which are endemic (meaning they’re only found in the region)–Mashpi’s Reserve is a birdwatcher’s paradise. And you don’t need to be an experienced ornithologist to enjoy the beauty of birds, either! Our Naturalist Guides are here to point things out and explain it all to you.

A vibrant yellow-billed toucan perches on a branch in the biodiverse Choco Andino region at Mashpi Reserve.
Guide and visitor engaged in bird watching at Mashpi Reserve's observation deck overlooking the cloud forest.
Viewpoint in the Andean Chocó

The life center project

A medley of scenic views and curious wildlife will surround you at the viewing platform of our Life Center. Then, prepare to be surrounded by fluttering colors as you walk around our Butterfly Farm that’s inside the Center!
It is here that our guests learn about the numerous species of butterfly that are found in this region, observing the entire process of metamorphosis—from egg to beautiful butterfly. Around 300 species of moths and butterflies have been identified to date at Mashpi. About a dozen can be seen at the center itself.

Adventurous trekker exploring the vibrant, water-laden trails of Mashpi Reserve in Ecuador.
Trek in the Wild

Research & projects

At the very heart of the Mashpi Project lies the relentless pursuit of truth and knowledge in the form of investigation. Throughout its existence, just about every species of animal or plant we’ve stumbled upon has been meticulously logged and, in certain cases, passionately studied—a testament to our unwavering commitment to preserving the Mashpi Reserve.

It is with a profound sense of pride that we reflect upon the myriad of discoveries we’ve unveiled, each shining a beacon of light on the enigmatic tapestry of this unique forest. The contributions we have etched into the records of forest conservation are not just milestones, but echoes of our dedication that will hopefully resound for generations. Our legacy at Mashpi is not merely the discoveries themselves, but the enduring spirit of preservation and reverence for the wondrous and highly unique world that surrounds us.

Dedicated Mashpi Reserve science team members working on conservation projects in the heart of Ecuador's cloud forest.
Science Community for Sustainability

Our science team

Delve deeper into the world of our passionate team of biologists and para-biologists. These devoted individuals tirelessly immerse themselves in the heart of the Mashpi forest, day, and night. With keen eyes and astute minds, they observe the numerous facets of nature, meticulously measuring, diligently counting, systematically numbering, and carefully labeling what they find. Their quest is not just for knowledge but to unearth previously undiscovered species, eager to reveal them to the world and enrich our understanding of the vibrant tapestry of life!

Get involved

We are continuously working on forging multiple methods through which our esteemed Guests can get involved with our research and conservation endeavors. At Mashpi, we happily invite our Guests to be more than mere spectators—we are open to having them grace us with their invaluable time as volunteers and/or a donation of scientific tools and/or vital expedition gear.

Additionally, generous financial contributions towards our diverse initiatives not only propel our mission forward but also weave our benefactors into the very fabric of our conservation legacy. Join us and become an integral part of this monumental journey towards preserving the wonders of our world!

Ecotourists filled with wonder while exploring the biodiverse Mashpi Reserve, a luxurious retreat in Ecuador's cloud forest.
Embrace the forest's magic

Understanding the forest

The ecosystem of the Choco Bioregion is a world still being
discovered by science, home to innumerable species that are waiting to be seen for the first time by human eyes. Get a more in-depth sense of our amazing forest and all its hidden secrets by reading our latest blogs!

Lush tropical leaves from Mashpi Lodge's cloud forest, a sanctuary of greenery and biodiversity in Ecuador.
A vibrant snake in its natural habitat at Mashpi The Reserve, Ecuador.

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