Experience the essence of life itself

A cocoon of luxury in the clouds, where contemporary design moves in harmony with nature.

Mashpi Lodge is the place to encounter 500 species of birds; trees and frogs found nowhere in the world; crashing waterfalls and mysterious felines. Dare yourself to trek down hidden paths, splash through rivers, rise at dawn to spot rare birds, or fly high above it all aboard our Dragonfly.

The world around us breathes, waiting for us to begin our descent into discovery…


Discover the magic of Mashpi’s Forest

Engaging Explorations

Fly above to take in the full masterpiece, or trek within, getting under its skin, feeling its blood flow through the veins of its rivers? Do we stand at a distance to feel how each part comes together to form the whole, or take it in with a magnifying glass leaf-by-leaf, bird-by-bird, species-by-species? Hike by day or creep by night? Mashpi’s attractions and activities have got every angle covered…



Indulge in Luxury

Fine dining in the forest

The Best of Ecuadorian Cuisine

Our mission is to explore and share the formidable new potential of Ecuadorian cuisine.


Ready to relax?

A Sanctuary For Your Senses

Mashpi Lodge is a space for you to nourish your mind, body and soul, surrounded by exquisite natural beauty.


A relationship of mutual support

Working with the Community

Mashpi would not be what it is without the collaboration of the local community. From the outset, we have sought to work hand-in-hand with those living in the areas surrounding the reserve, implementing an innovative programme in which they, as well as Lodge employees, become shareholders in the enterprise. Mashpi offers numerous job opportunities for members of the neighbouring communities including professional training, for employees who share their unparalleled knowledge of the land and the wildlife around.


Reviews & Testimonials

99.7% of guests rate our hotel as “outstanding”; 99.6% of them would recommend our hotel!


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