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Hummingbird Garden

Max. Altitude 1281m
Min. Altitude 951m
Incline 6%
Total Time 1:30h
Distance 5,3km
Time 1:30h

Activity Description

The forests of Mashpi boast a total of 32 hummingbird species that have been identified to date. These inhabit different altitudes throughout the reserve, with around 19 species that are observable right at our Hummingbird Garden. In order to make it easier to see these amazing creatures at our Garden, we have placed several hummingbird feeders and fruit feeders right beside our covered seating area. This provides an ideal and comfortable setting from which to admire these gorgeous and energetic birds. In addition to the hummingbirds, guests and guides might also be lucky enough to spot other fruit-eating species such as toucans, tanagers, squirrels, etc. The Garden itself is located at a natural viewpoint which, on clear days, provides breathtaking views of the Reserve’s forested hills. And while the Garden is seen as a paradise for photographers and birdwatchers, it also serves as a place to calmly connect with nature and the local fauna.

Although this trail is classified as hard due to just how long it is, you can also opt to reach the Hummingbird Garden more easily by car (a 15 minute ride).

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