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A vibrant Rufous-throated Tanager perched on a branch, indicative of the biodiverse Mashpi Lodge region.
Mashpi Lodge aerial view, nestled in the Ecuadorian cloud forest, shrouded in mist, embodying a serene eco-retreat.
Christopher Klassen

What’s the Weather like at Mashpi Lodge? Seasons, Species, Tips and more!

Surrounded by towering waterfalls, soaring exotic trees, and seemingly unending, countless tones of green, Mashpi Lodge is located in the very heart of Ecuador´s Choco cloud forest, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. While watching breathtaking videos and looking at beautiful pictures of Mashpi, it quickly becomes evident that it is sometimes sunny, often cloudy, and occasionally raining. So what is the weather really like at Mashpi? Seemingly a simple question, it´s not quite as straightforward as you might think.

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Adventurous group crossing a stream in the lush rainforest surrounding Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador's premier eco-lodge.
Christopher Klassen

Mashpi for All!

This is one adventure that’s not off limits: Mashpi Lodge, the Ecuador eco-lodge where everyone, whether they are young or old, bird-lovers or honeymooners, looking

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