How much does it cost to go to Mashpi Lodge and why?

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Dragonfly Aerial Adventure

How much does it cost to stay at Mashpi Lodge? Nestled in the heart of Ecuador’s Choco rainforest, the Mashpi Reserve is a veritable paradise of biodiversity and endemism, coming together to form a modern-day Eden teeming with incredible, rare wildlife and lush, exotic greenery. And while many might think that a place as unique and special as the Mashpi Reserve deserves to be on a remote tropical island, we invite you to think again. The Reserve is located on the northwestern slopes of the Ecuadorian Andes, just a short distance from Quito – the country’s bustling capital city. Yet the two places couldn’t be farther apart in what they represent: Quito, a developing urban destination steeped in history, culture, and politics; and Mashpi, one of the planet’s few remaining pristine, verdant hotspots for biodiversity.

How much does it cost to stay at Mashpi Lodge
How much does it cost to stay at Mashpi Lodge

Landscape of Mashpi Lodge Fortunately, the Mashpi Reserve is open to guests looking for where to stay in the rainforest. Those who choose to stay at Mashpi Lodge, a luxury nature lodge,  it allows them to learn about endemic life in the area, explore it, and enjoy the natural treasures that it holds, all from the comfort of a world-class Lodge! When all is said and done, how much does Mashpi hotel Ecuador cost so you can have such a wonderful experience, and most importantly – why is it worth it?

First things first: What makes Mashpi Lodge so special?


When a trip is booked to Mashpi Lodge Ecuador, guests may be surprised to know that they are not simply booking an average night at an ordinary hotel. Rather, they are booking an Expedition Experience that’s focused on tailored and guided excursions throughout this incredible hotel in the rainforest, complete with visits to interactive sites and journeys aboard astounding feats of engineering and design, all of this and more within one of nature’s remaining wonderlands! And the best part? It’s all done in the company of seasoned and incredibly insightful Naturalist and Local Guides.

Cascada Sanadora en Mashpi Lodge
Healing waterfall at Mashpi Lodge


Staying at Mashpi Lodge Ecuador is also an incredibly enriching learning experience. With a dedicated team of intrepid researchers, new species are constantly being discovered and studied. The gaps in knowledge regarding many other species that were previously unknown to science are steadily being narrowed as Mashpi’s researchers continuously uncover more and more details about them. This cutting-edge scientific knowledge is shared directly with guests by the amiable researchers themselves or by the Lodge’s insightful, well-informed Naturalist Guides.

Children learning at Mashpi Lodge
Children learning at Mashpi Lodge

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Mashpi Lodge Ecuador is also a pioneer in conservation and community sustainability, hosting several international initiatives including CO2 absorption, training local populations on organic farming and environmental conservation, and other intriguing projects that guests are informed of during their time at the Lodge.

Staying at Mashpi Lodge Quito and spending time in the surrounding reserve is truly a life-changing experience, and not only for guests: Over 75% of the Lodge’s employees come from the surrounding communities, and most ingredients and other supplies are locally sourced. This has contributed to improving living standards for dozens of local families, making each stay at the Lodge a life-changing experience for many!

Conservation efforts at Mashpi Lodge
Conservation efforts at Mashpi Lodge

Luxury, Service & Amenities

Visiting one of the most pristine corners of the earth does not mean guests need to forego modern comforts. Indeed, the level of luxury and service found at Mashpi Lodge quito are so high that guests sometimes need to remind themselves that they truly are in the middle of a primary cloud forest! Every surface in the hotel is painstakingly covered in premium materials. All of the meals, snacks and beverages prepared and served by the attentive, professional team of chefs and waiters have been elaborately crafted, and often include hand-picked, surprisingly rare fruits, herbs, and spices. Rooms are notably impeccable, and have floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows revealing the incredible vegetation surrounding the lodge and the endless sky beyond. The plush, cozy beds feel impossibly comfortable after a day of excursions and discovery, and the amenities of the room, from the comfortable chairs to the sumptuous bathrobes, have been meticulously designed to make this the best rainforest hotel.

Expedition room
Expedition room

What is included in the Mashpi Lodge price tag?

Mashpi Lodge Quito works on an all-inclusive model to allow guests to fully enjoy their stay without having to concern themselves with prices and charges. The Mashpi Lodge prices charged by the hotel include nearly everything! A comprehensive list of what is included is below:

Wayra Twin Room in Mashpi Lodge
Wayra Twin Room in Mashpi Lodge

1. Accommodation in a spacious and comfortable room, starting from 34 m2 (366 ft2).

2. Three complete meals (per night booked), including a hearty buffet breakfast (or a boxed breakfast if your excursions involve a particularly early departure), a generous lunch buffet that expertly combines both traditional Ecuadorian and international cuisine, and a gourmet à la carte dinner featuring delicious menu choices.

3. Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day (freshly squeezed fruit juices, purified water, soft drinks, premium locally grown coffee, and wide range of teas and infusions).

4. Customized tours of the Reserve with one local and one specialized and experienced Naturalist Guide. Daily excursions involve exploring the surrounding, primary forest. The Naturalist  Guides speak both English and Spanish (and other languages upon request prior to arrival). All activities are planned by the guests and their guide after arriving to Mashpi Lodge ecuador to ensure that each excursion fits in perfectly with their interests and preferred activity levels.

5. Mashpi Lodge Quito provides guests with rain ponchos, rubber boots, walking sticks, binoculars, repellant, a carry sack, and a large water bottle for excursions. Powerful flashlights or headlamps are also provided in the case of night walks.

6. Free Wi-Fi throughout the Lodge is available to guests.

7. Transfers in and out of Mashpi Lodge Ecuador from Casa Gangotena in Quito and other main hotels in the city. What is Mashpi’s executive transfer service like? Click here for a first-hand description.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay at Mashpi Lodge and what’s Included in the Price Tag?

The Mashpi Lodge room rates start from $1,280 + taxesbased on double occupancy of a standard room. Service tax is additional, and a Municipal Tax of US $2.75 is charged per room, per night.

Sky Bike at Mashpi Lodge
Sky Bike at Mashpi Lodge

Spending a few days at Mashpi Lodge Quito in the middle of Ecuador’s Choco rainforest is an unforgettable experience that leaves guests with incredible memories, amazing stories, and a closer connection to nature and themselves. It is an experience that transcends conventional vacations, giving guests a unique perspective on the significance of preserving nature for future generations. Like few other places around the world, Mashpi Lodge Quito is well worth the price of admission –a place that none forget, and all leave wishing they could spend more time in such an awe-inspiring destination.

For more information about Mashpi Lodge prices

Tourists observing a yellow land iguana in its natural habitat at Finch Bay, Galapagos, included in Mashpi package tours.
Our Premier Ecuador Experience: The Golden Triangle
A Complete Experience that brings you the very best of Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands. With a stint in the Heart of Quito, The Mashpi Reserve, and a stay at The Galapagos Islands most lauded Hotel, Finch Bay.


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  1. Your lodge looks awesome. I did email for more info before I found this page. We are two SCUBA divers headed out to the Calipso on San Cristobal arriving for the boat on Aug 8 and returning to San Cristobal on Aug15th.
    trying to plan the best way to see and explore the Mainland then head out so sea to explore the islands also to stay in Quito for a short stay. We will be flying from New York area to either airport.
    Would you have availability?
    I am sure that a standard room would be perfect for us. The price quoted above is for two people? The 2019 rate is $1,098 + taxes, based on double occupancy of a standard room.

    Thank you
    Diane and Scott
    This would be a great addition to our Scuba adventure/

    1. Good morning Diane!

      Thank you very much for contacting us!

      We are very pleased to hear that you like our Lodge. Mashpi provides its guests a truly remarkable experience.

      Raúl Navarrete, one of our destination experts, will get in touch with you soon to provide you with all the information you need.

      Hope you have a great day!

      1. Hello Thelma, thanks for commenting! One of the amazing things about Mashpi is that it straddles the Equatorial line. This means that the weather remains pretty constant throughout the year. All our activities are available year-round, with a full staff of naturalist guides available to plan out expeditions into the forest. If you’re interested in knowing more about Mashpi’s location, you can check out this blog: https://www.mashpilodge.com/blog/lodge/mashpi-lodge-location/
        We hope to see you soon!

  2. Hi,

    I have a question with respect to children aged 11 and 13. Do you have rooms that accommodate 4 people or do you need to book two rooms?

    1. Hello Nadine!

      A room in Mashpi Lodge can fit 2 adults and 2 children (Ages 11 and under); so, in this case, you’ll be needing two rooms to accommodate your family. Nevertheless, we have adjoining and connected rooms so you can all be together! Please let us know if you’re interested in booking with us so we can contact you.

      Have a great day!

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