Live a unique experience in the forest

The Dragonfly

The highlight of any trip to Mashpi is a ride aboard the Dragonfly, an innovative cable system which carries you under, through and above the forest canopy: a unique way to see the world anew offering unprecedented access to such a little-understood place.

The Dragonfly consists of two stations, six towers (with an intermediate station half-way, which we can use to embark and disembark), and four ‘gondolas’ in which you travel. Each gondola can carry four guests plus their guide. The Dragonfly travels gently and slowly along a 2-kilometre (1.2-mile) cable between the two stations, sometimes below the canopy, sometimes through it, and also far above it – it’s a bird’s eye view of this magical ecosystem where the sounds of the forest greet you like a symphony. It takes about 40 minutes to ride from one station to the other.

Dragonfly Factsheet

Exploration Details

Max. Altitude 1008m
Min. Altitude 820m
Total Distance 2km
Total Time 2h
Distance 2km
Time 2h

Activity Description

This is the complete Dragonfly experience, for those guests who just don’t want to get off! You stay on board all the way from the departure station to the end station, and then return all the way.

We can also enjoy the Dragonfly ride just to the Tower 4 and back – recommended for people with severe vertigo.

The Dragonfly & Hikes

Max. Altitude 960m
Min. Altitude 740m
Incline 0.3%
Total Time 1:30h
Distance 1,4km
Time 1:30h

Activity Description

We take the Magnolia Trail waterfall from by the lodge, walking through beautiful forest and stopping at the viewing platform half-way. Further down, we come to a great waterfall for a revitalizing dip and pummelling shower. We then wade and walk through the Laguna River downstream, admiring the colours of the riverbed and spotting birds, before reaching Tower 4 of the Dragonfly. Here we embark for our glide up the gorge, arriving at the departure station 20 minutes later.
This experience can also be done the other way round, beginning on the Dragonfly and returning uphill to the lodge.

Max. Altitude 964m
Min. Altitude 769m
Incline 20%
Total Time 1:30h
Distance 930m
Time 1:30h

Activity Description

This delightful trail starts near the staff house, a short walk from the lodge. It offers an excellent understanding of the regeneration process that forests undergo following deforestation. The first part of the trail was used for pasture just 15 years ago, and now it’s a beautiful young forest, dominated by pioneer species of Miconia tree.

On this trail we can put the story of Tarzan to the test. Vines are bridges connecting the forest canopy, and some are strong enough to hold the weight of a person. Halfway along this trail, we can take a swing on Mashpi’s very own Tarzan rope-vine – shouting like Tarzan optional!

This trail descends to the Laguna River. By wading and walking along the riverbed, we can reach the lovely nearby waterfall for a splash, before returning to the Dragonfly’s Tower 4, and returning to the departure station in a glide.

This experience is a great way to combine walking in the forest with traveling over the treetops.

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