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A place for learning and discovery

The Life Centre

Located west of the lodge, the Life Centre was conceived as a place for learning and discovery, but also as a place where our guests can disconnect while they admire the scenery from the comfort of a chaise longue on the handsome wooden deck – a great place to spot birds, and hear the roar of mantled howler monkeys, too!

Here we learn about the species of butterflies found in this region, observing the whole process of metamorphosis from eggs into beautiful butterflies. About 300 species of moths and butterflies have been identified to date in the Reserve, and our team has reproduced 50 of these to date. About a dozen can be seen in the centre itself. Most of the interpretation in the centre is provided by our guides or the employees from the local community involved in the project.

Exploration Details

Max. Altitude 941m
Min. Altitude 872m
Incline 9%
Total Time 45 min.
Distance 703m
Time 45 min.

Activity Description

To get to the Life Centre we take the Howler Monkey trail, located 1 km from the hotel. This trail runs through primary forest and is the perfect prelude to discovering the various interactions between species inhabiting the tropical rainforests. On the way back from the Life Centre we take the short Life Centre trail to the main road, and then back to the lodge. In total, we walk 3.5 km and take about 3 hours, including the visit to the Life Centre.

Max. Altitude 926m
Min. Altitude 871m
Incline 11%
Total Time 20 min.
Distance 456m
Time 20 min.

Activity Description

This trail runs mostly primary forest, where the dominant species is the copal tree (Dacryodes cupularis), with an average height of 40 m, prized for its wood. The trail get its name from the howler monkeys, a species that inhabit this forest fragment – it’s quite possible we’ll hear them as we walk the trail – and ends at the Life Centre.

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