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Mashpi Lodge exterior spa surrounded by lush greenery, offering a tranquil wellness retreat in nature.

Renovated Mashpi Lodge Renovation Focuses on Wellness, Families, and Research

Metropolitan Touring is pleased to announce the latest renovation at Mashpi Lodge, recently featured as one of the BBC’s 6 most amazing hotels in the world.

The Lodge called in two top professionals to refresh the whole look and feel of the property: Julio Vinueza, Ecuador’s top interior designer, worked with the Mashpi team to redefine the interior design concept of the Lodge’s public areas; and Roberto Burneo took charge of the construction of the new outdoor area. We are thrilled to say that the results are fabulous!

renovated mashpi lodge
A tranquil yoga deck set against the vibrant backdrop of the cloud forest at Mashpi Lodge, inviting relaxation and meditation.

Thanks to Vinueza’s lead, warm neutral tones inside and out enhance the already restful ambience and highlight the stunning views from the floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows that keep the forest outside but let guests connect with nature. New couches, stools and cushions enliven all of the social areas. And the new Expedition Room features cosy sitting areas that make naturalist briefings that much more enjoyable and provide a comfortable space for guests to share everything they saw and learned on the day’s outings or just relax with a good book and a glass of wine from the Honesty Bar.

expedition room
A spacious, modern expedition room at Mashpi Lodge with comfortable seating and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the lush cloud forest.

Also, in honour of families, the renovation project includes the creation of 2 brand new rooms separated by a vestibule that together form a faux suite, perfect for small families. This addition to Floor 1 (Lobby Level) replaces the original spa area, whose 2 massage rooms – 1 for couples massage and 1 for individual massages – move up to Floor 2 (Terrace Level).

A contemporary room at Mashpi Lodge with large windows offering a panoramic view of the Ecuadorian cloud forest.

The wellness offerings expand with a fabulous new outdoor space – SAMAY (“soul” in Kichwa) that includes a covered open-air hot tub and yoga deck located adjacent to the Lodge and accessible through a short path that winds through the lush foliage, offering great opportunities for catching a sighting of a favourite bird species.

A serene spa at Mashpi Lodge with a jacuzzi and relaxation lounges, inviting guests to unwind amidst the tranquil cloud forest ambiance.

Finally, Mashpi Lodge continues to increase its focus on scientific research and environmental awareness. A brand-new laboratory, open to guests, makes the work performed by the Lodge’s scientific team come to life. Specimens of interesting species are available for viewing and a cheery kids’ corner invites the little ones to embark on their own journey of discovery.

A researcher meticulously examines and categorizes butterfly specimens in a laboratory at Mashpi Lodge, contributing to entomological studies.

All of these changes have been implemented with the care necessary in a delicate ecosystem such as that of the Mashpi Reserve.

For your convenience, we have listed the specific changes below:

Mashpi Lodge Remodelling Details

  • Ground Floor – Restaurant/Bar Level:
    • Enhanced bar area
      • New bar stools
      • New sitting area in front of the bar
      • New restaurant porch sitting area
    • Floor 1 – Lobby Level:
      • New Expedition Room
        • Cosy sitting areas
        • Brand new furniture
        • Library
        • Coffee/Tea station
        • Honesty Bar
      • Remodelled reception and lobby area
        • 3 separate sitting areas
        • Brand new furniture
      • 2 brand new rooms separated by a vestibule to form a faux suite:
        • 1 Wayra room
        • 1 Wawa (“small child” in Kichwa) room for single use (smaller room size): perfect for solo travellers or tour leaders
        • Rooms can be booked individually or jointly
        • Small vestibule with a sitting area
        • A joint booking of these two rooms is perfect for small families (2 adults in the Wayra room and 1 child in the Wawa room)
  • Floor 2  – Terrace Level:
  • New Spa Area
    • 1 room for couples massage
    • 1 room for individual massage
  • SAMAY Exterior wellness area
    • Outdoor covered hot tub
    • Yoga deck
  • Laboratory
    • Ongoing research space
    • Specimen exhibits
    • Kids’ corner

Please check out our new high resolution photographs of the Lodge and the recent changes in the Gallery section of our website as well as the layouts of the new room units.

If you have any questions, please contact your destination expert.

Tourists observing a yellow land iguana in its natural habitat at Finch Bay, Galapagos, included in Mashpi package tours.
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