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An inquisitive Howler Monkey perched on a branch at Mashpi Lodge, amidst the vibrant treetops of Ecuador's cloud forest.

When you think of howling monos, you might envision the playful animals that swing from branch to branch; the curious and cheerful creatures that stealthily steal food from humans naively walking through trails.

The Mantled howling monkey (Alouatta palliata) does not really fit this typical monkey description.

They do have arboreal and diurnal habits, but they are pretty sedentary and move about very little. Their diet consists mainly of fresh leaves, but they also eat fruit. They are for the most part social animals and can live in groups of up to 20 individuals; although usually, they are seen in small groups and within each group, there is a dominant male. However, what makes these monkeys different is exactly as its name implies: its howl. The males have a highly developed hyoid bone, which allows their throat to be a soundboard that amplifies sounds. Their howl can be heard more than 8 km away!


howling monkey
Contemplative Howler Monkey
Mashpi Lodge Varanda View
El Bosque Nublado de Mashpi: Un Espectáculo Natural de Colores y Formas
Ubicado en el corazón del bosque nublado ecuatoriano, se encuentra un auténtico paraíso de lujo sostenible. Déjate deslumbrar por la magia de Mashpi Lodge y crea recuerdos duraderos en uno de los ecosistemas más espectaculares del Ecuador.


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