Carla Torres

Carla Torres is an Illustrator born and raised in Quito-Ecuador. She studied Graphic Design and Illustration in Quito, Colombia and Spain. In 2005 she moved to New York City looking to expand her mind, her soul, and her vision as an artist. Since then her work has been exhibited in several venues locally and internationally has won several illustration awards. | Facebook: Carla Trinidad Art | Instagram: @carlisimaultra

What had the greatest impact on you at Mashpi?

The vast green, the life in the forest, feels that it is alive and breathing…

The walking tree was also very impresive and the magnificent balance of nature…every single little creature has its place and function in the forest

How many greens did you count at Mahspi?

I wasn’t counting but the vast green you see all around is just magnificent, it has such a calming and connecting effect on you

If you could be one of the animals living in the Mashpi forests, which one would you be?

I would like to be a humming bird, they seem to have so much fun flying free at an incredible speed in the company of many others humming bird friends



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